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Attendance, Payroll Software

Attend HRM - Integrated HRM Solution

Time Attendance, Payroll, HRM Solution

If you are looking for a Payroll Software or an Attendance Software or an HRM Solution that integrates both, you are in the right place!

Attend HRM is a unique and innovative software product of its kind. After an extensive study on the market requirements, Lenvica has designed a multilingual, modular, scalable and database independent Application Framework, which is the backbone of this robust software product. “Attend HRM” works with various Time Attendance/Access Control devices to generate MIS reports with accurate work times. Optionally, Attend HRM can be extended as a security solution by integrating with CCTV Surveillance and Fire Alarms.

Run the Attend HRM Presentation for more details.

Some of the key features

  Supports Multiple Databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird and more)
  Supports Multiple Attendance Devices (Biometric, RFID, and more)
  Supports Multiple Locations (Branches located across the globe)
  Supports Different Languages (English, Hindi, Arabic and more)
  Compatible with any Attendance Device (HID, Virdi, IR, e-focus, Bioscrypt and more)
  Integrated Payroll Software (User-defined Salary Structures, Formulas, and more)
  Statutory Reports (PF, ESI, and more)
  Customizable Reports
  Web enabled reports
  Outlook style interface for a very user-friendly GUI
  Integrated Security Solution (CCTV, Fire Alarms and more)
  Attendance Management (Real-time and editable attendance)
  Leave Management(Entitlements, User defined leave types and more)
  Seamless integration with legacy attendance devices
  Manual Punching & Online Punching(Time attendance management without devices)
  Optional Dongle Support for extended security
  Help Videos, Online Help


  Reduce workforce management costs
  Reduce your payroll costs
  Increase Employee Productivity
  Improve security in your office
  Open to customizations
  Free for initial use, pay only when you are satisfied

Screen shot

Screen shot shows work plan and automated/edited attendance data for an employee in work week view

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Attend HRM Video Help Files

  How to create a regular day program?
  How to create a regular work plan?
  How to create a shift day program?
  How to create a shift pattern?
  How to create a shift plan?
  How does attendance work?
  How to Map a time attendance device into Attend?
  How to Create Custom Salary Heads?
  How to Create a Salary Group?
  How to Create a Salary Card?
  How to Define a Salary Period?
  How to Process Salary for a set of Employees?
  How to Verify and Correct Pay Slips?
  How to close a Salary Period?
  How to Re-Open a Salary Period?

Attend HRM Features

Payroll Software

The payroll software is designed with at most flexibility. The software can be customized as per your requirements. The basic payroll software features can be used all across the world, also satisfies Indian Payroll software and salary requirements. The payroll software is seamlessly integrated with the attendance software, which enables you to process payroll with attendance information.

User-defined Salary Heads

User can define any number of salary heads as per his requirement.

User-defined Salary Structure

Also, the user can define different salary structures for different set of employees.

User-defined Formulae

User can define his own formula with the formula editor.


Define your own formula for bonus calculation. Bonus can be paid for any duration, quarterly, half yearly or yearly.

Customizable Pay Slips

Pay slips can be customized as per the company requirements.

Statutory Reports (PF, ESI and more)

Statutory reports as specified by the Indian Government are available. Provident Fund/Employee Sate Insurance reports a challans.

More Payroll Software Features...

Attendance Software

Attendance software gives you the ability to track your employees’ time and attendance automatically. You can customize this module to work with your company’s attendance rules. Attendance software communicates with ‘Time Registration’ module to extract data from time attendance devices, and the punching data is used to calculate work time, overtime, late in, early out times. A graphical interface allows you to view, add, and edit attendance information.

Automated Overtime Calculation

Once configured, overtime for employees is calculated automatically, as per the rules in the organization.

Grace Periods for Work Start/End Times

You can set grace periods for work start/end times

Leave Management

Allows management of employee leaves.


Allows management of employee leaves.

Late-In, Early-Out Reports

Different reports for late in and early out.

Overtime Reports

Different overtime reports.

Sickness Reports

Sickness reports

Actual & Planned Work time Reports

Report for comparison of actual and planned work times

Monthly Attendance Reports

Monthly attendance reports for work time, overtime, and more

Settings for Customization

Settings for customizing attendance data processing.

More Attendance Software Features...

Attend HRM - Benefits

Reduce workforce management costs

Attend HRM allows you to define your organizational rules through different customization options. Once the rules are configured no regular data entry is required. Attend HRM will automate most of the tasks, making it easier for you to manage your work force.

Reduce your payroll costs

The payroll process is also automated. You don’t have to spent more than a few minutes to process your salary at the end of your payroll period, no matter how many employees you have.

Increase Employee Productivity

Attend HRM allows you to optimize your resource planning to improve employee productivity. Accurate availability information allows managers to track and analyze employee productivity.

Improve security in your office

You can implement security at different levels. Attend HRM can be implemented as a security solution. This is possible with different types of access control devices. Also you can extend your security with CCTV surveillance and fire alarms; all in one software.

Integrated Solution

Attend HRM is not just another payroll software. The time attendance module communicates with your attendance/access control devices to interpret the punch information into work time, overtime, late in, early out, and so on. The payroll software communicates with the attendance software to extract this information. This facilitates an integrated solution, which minimizes manual intervention.

Open to customizations

You can request for any customization that you require. Attend HRM is organized into small modules which makes it more open to customizations

Free for initial use, pay only when you are satisfied

You can start with Attend HRM Lite version, which is absolutely free of cost. You can use this version for an unlimited period of time. If you require more features, then you can upgrade your license to a professional or enterprise version.

Download Attendance, Payroll Software

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